What is “Haberdapper?”

Genna and Steve Monticello

“A Haberdasher”, explained Steve Monticello, “was a peddler to the garment trade, who sold clothing accessories — things like hats, belts, shirts, ties, and gloves. And of course, ‘dapper’ means sharp — well put together. So, we’re a combination of these things.” Haberdapper is a homey, custom-crafted space complete with a working kitchen where you will always find a fresh cup of coffee. Men’s clothing and accessories fill the store, laid out on antique tables, in armoires, and on a stone mantle. Vintage sepia-toned photographs adorn the walls and a huge model Chris-Craft cruiser is on display — Haberdapper’s way of saying “Welcome to Lake Geneva.” To sum up, as Genna Monticello said, “Haberdapper is a celebration of fine living.”

Great Design. Time-Honored Quality. And a Good, Firm Handshake.