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Truefitt & Hill

Your skin tells a story about who you are. Without the right attention, it recounts mundane anecdotes of sloppiness and neglect. But when cared for properly, it describes magnificent tales of a life well-lived. Having well kept, healthy skin is the difference between being old and being experienced. Yes, your skin tells a story.

When you’re out on the lake, looking a little “salty” can be in-character. But, when it’s time to present a more refined appearance, a good grooming regimen with great products can be worth every penny. Truefitt & Hill, established in 1805, in Saint James, London, offers Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, Shaving Soap, Brushes, Mugs, Razors, Stands and Aftershave Balm, for the perfect shave.

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