Our Story

A long time ago there was a little store that served people’s basic needs.
Born out of necessity — to provide life’s simple things — it grew to provide much more.

The little place became a trusted presence; like an old friend. After awhile this place was recognized not just as a source of quality products, but as a place where honesty, trust and old-fashioned courtesy and service were a staple. Those long-ago established qualities are with us today as a means of embracing that time when relationships were treasured.

At Haberdapper quality comes as craftsmanship that stands the test of time. A sturdy pocket knife. A well-made shirt. A classic wooden boat. Like old friends, they’re reliable and familiar. We put our trust in high quality things. This trust is behind everything Haberdapper offers: from fine apparel and leathergoods, to interior design and furnishings, to a simple mug of coffee and a book.

This is our promise to you. Great design. Time-honored quality. And a good firm handshake.

Great Design. Time-Honored Quality. And a Good, Firm Handshake.